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The internet is social and it’s happening in real time. Depending on what type of business industry you are in, chances are your customers are using one or several social platforms on a daily basis. Your target audience could be using YouTube, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, or Tumblr. There are SEO benefits to creating sharable content, engaging with influencers on social networks and building up communities and loyal followers.

17 Agency can help your brand to expand and interact with your customer audience across the web with social media marketing strategies.

  • Engage with influencers in your company’s field
  • Stay on top of topics and conversations about your brand and industry.
  • Increase word-of-mouth fans and referrals.

For brands to be successful in social media marketing, they need to be both participants and publishers.

Research and Discovery Phase

17 Agency, will first start the process when we take on a new social media client by first learning all we can about their business, what social presence they have already, and the competitors in order to set a clear understanding of the business goal with social media campaigns. We use tools to figure out where your audiences hang out, what they are saying, what keywords and interests matter to them, and what they are looking for in a branded relationship.  We also will look at your top competitors that may be investing more in social media to see what ideas can be leveraged.

Content and Social Media Strategy

Each social media marketing campaign needs to define a set of business goals and monthly deliverable’s to measure for building up social profiles and encouraging content to be shared.  What is your brand looking to get out of social media?  Is it growing your company’s follower base, better community engagement, increasing conversions or generating more sales leads?  First, we can start with a content strategy to figure out which social media networks are going to be the most useful to your business goals. Here is a list of social media campaign outreach and promotion activities:

  • Create guidelines for using and engaging with social profiles in different communities.
  • Develop plans to build trust and authority and reach out to influencers to take advantage of their larger networks for better content distribution.
  • Develop short term and long term goals to be able to evaluate campaign performance.
  • Develop real branded conversations online to build trust, boost sales, create brand evangelists
  • Sync together Editorial, Marketing and PR efforts
  • Leverage Social for SEO gains
  • Develop up a schedule of content to be created and posted on different networks. This could be blog posts, videos, images, tweets etc.
  • Social Ads: develop an advertising plan and budget to target display ads on certain social networks to increase awareness, leads, followers etc.

Social Media Campaign Analysis and Reporting

17 Agency, will track and measure the social campaigns each month to include key performance indicators (KPIs), task that were completed, goal tracking, campaign metrics, suggest adjustments that could made, devise plans for the next month.

Why does Social Media Matter to Brands?

We help companies leverage social media to increase sales and engage their customers.  Social media campaigns can improve your rankings on search engines, they can help sell your products, drive traffic to your website, enhance your brand’s following and help to keep current customers happy.

  • Resolve and handle customer complaints in quickly by monitoring social channels.
  • Engage with your customers in a meaningful manner. Find out they like or don’t about certain products.
  • Encourage your customers to contribute photos or content to companies social profiles to make them feel apart and proud of your brand.
  • Use social media to provide exclusive offers, discounts and incentives to buy. Additionally, you can measure the campaign success by giving these offers exclusive to social.
  • Humanize your brand- big companies can seem out of reach and impersonal to regular people. People like to do business with people; put a face on your company and make your company seem accessible and caring.


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