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Drive qualified traffic to your company’s website for valuable keyword phrases by achieving 1st page rankings.


Whether searching is done on a mobile phone or on desktop people use the internet to look for answers, reviews, items they want to purchase etc. Google and other search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms.  You may have or may not have heard of Panda, Penguin, Pigeon or Hummingbird.  These are names of Google’s algorithms that have wreaked havoc on some companies website rankings over the last few years that has changed the way listings appear on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Companies sometimes focus a lot attention on their homepage, but what they should do and realize is many people may find out about a company’s website by searching for something specific and landing on another page on your site. You think of every page as a mini website or landing page.  So a comprehensive online marketing strategy will include content, local and mobile search strategies and it will also should include and collaborate with your PPC, social and user experience web design campaigns and work.

Proper Search Engine Optimization, or optimizing a website for search is much more than just simply keywords and clicks. Google is evolving to try to understand search intent; it is called semantic search.  It is about the person’s intent or what did they are referring to when they type in a search phase (the context).  Keywords are definitely important because it can tell you a lot about the intent of the search phrase that is typed in or spoken on a phone. Companies need to look beyond just the intent of the three types basic of searches, which are usually navigational (looking for something specific), informational (research or an answer), transactional (looking to buy something). With this in mind, companies may begin to think about how to incorporate search optimized content to fit these keywords into your website’s conversion funnel or buyer’s path to purchase.

As an example if you type in “Italian food”, are you looking for an Italian restaurant menu? Are you looking for Italian food recipe?  Are you looking for a review of an Italian restaurant?

Speaking Your Customers Language

17 agency will first begin by learning about your business needs and understanding your customers. People type in different things in different ways. To start to understand your potential clients’ language and be able to identify the highest-impact keywords to target, we use a variety of keyword research tools including, audience mapping, linguistic profiling, creating buyers personas and competitive search assessments.  We also will conduct competitor research to analyze what you are up against for different categories and aspects of your business. We then will start to create a content strategy that target best intent capture campaigns to ensure sales and a healthy return on investment.

Global Search Strategies

We currently manage search campaign strategies for companies who first native language is not English. Therefore, if your company has a global presence, 17 Agency’s team can develop SEO campaigns to target other markets and languages such as Italian, as an example, while ensuring the consistency of your brand’s global standards and messaging.

A Connected Approach

For enterprise level companies, the most successful digital marketing strategies are the ones that connect across multiple channels. This is why we usually integrate our organic SEO services with PPC, conversion rate optimization, social media management and other types of digital marketing activities to open up the most opportunities for consumers to be exposed to your products or brand. Since mobile search for first time surpassed desktop search, it is now more important than ever that companies have a mobile friendly responsive designed website or a separate mobile site, entirely to be able to capture task driven user searches.  17 Agency has extensive experience with designing and optimizing best in class mobile sites and building authoritative earned media strategies that will collaborate with both social and SEO to increases sales and visibility.

The Benefits of Effective Organic Search Campaigns

  • Long Term Results: Quality content marketing and SEO campaigns can establish long term traffic from visitors that bring a stream of potential customers for years to come.
  • Cost Effective Client Acquisition: A recent study done by brightedge determined that investing in an organic SEO is the biggest driver of traffic and when you compare it to other online spending, effective SEO leads to an overall lower cost-per-lead-acquisition.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: Websites that are optimized well, both for search and user experience, will have longer page views and lower bounce rates and more conversions, which helps to build a brands authority and name.


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