17 Agency’s Process and Methodology

It’s Important for any digital agency partner to be able to recognize the unique aspects of your business and the personal needs of your target consumer audience, we develop and deliver content and campaigns that attract customer engagement and influence conversions. 

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Our results are timely, targeted and measurable- and generate a positive impact on our client partners online exposure and business goals. Here is a breakdown of 17 Agency’s process and methodology.

1. Analysis

Mobile search has just surpassed desktop search in 2015, so it’s crucial for companies to use the internet to grow their business. You may ask where do you start?  To orchestrate a successful digital marketing campaign, it requires a detailed and thorough understanding of business and your customers. Our creative digital strategists conduct an in-depth amount of research to get inside the head, so to speak, of your typical customer, to figure out what are their needs or problems, and how can your products or services to solve that for them. Our process combines research with audits and creating buyer personas to maximize your online marketing ROI.

2. Strategy

Executing an online marketing strategy is both methodical and creative. By identifying potential keywords your customers would use, and segmenting your target audience, we craft and develop a seamless narrative that will tell your brand’s story. We also determine industry influencers and useful channels in order to increase traffic, convert more leads, and drive more revenue to your company.

3. Creation

Unique, focused, and engaging content that stands out, is what fuels a successful online marketing campaign strategy. We have a network of journalists, bloggers, industry leaders and media professionals that will develop and publish content will validate and highlight your brand with your targeted audience, establishing you an expert or leader in your industry.

4. Optimization     

We create content that compliments your unique brand experience, we then are able to focus your message and narrative to align it your customer’s sales or buying cycle, maximizing search rankings and traffic, increasing social media engagement, and improving landing page conversions in a quantifiable manner.

5. Publish

We understand that marketing is unique to company and industry vertical, by leveraging our proprietary techniques and nurturing relationships with key bloggers and journalists, we get your brand’s unique story into places at the right time, which can cut through the advertising noise to make your brand credible and relevant.

6. Promote

If no one reads your content, does it matter how good it is? By utilizing media contacts, key influencers, and focused paid media ad campaigns, we promote your content, which encourages engagement with your brand. This can motivate your potential customers to to comment, share and even link back to your site.

7. Measure

Our campaigns are always measured so that we can change or adjust aspects of that are not performing. At 17 Agency we are big on measuring everything.   Only this level of precision will let you know if you are getting a positive return on investment.  

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